About Smokin Guns Fitness

Our Philosophy

At SGF Gym we believe in doing things the correct way, providing efficient means and methods of exercise, training and nutrition backed with scientific knowledge, experience and overall proven results.

Anywhere you may see our brand logo you can deem it as a reputable sense of assurance that the service you will be provided is of very high quality.

Whether it be our fitness centres, our clothing or any of the other services we offer you can guarantee that it will be provided by top class staff with passion, drive and the quality assurance you can depend on.

Every member of staff in our fitness centres and also our management are not only highly qualified but come with a wealth of knowledge, a background within the industry and a vast range of life experience in doing what they love to do.

Our staff have guided complete beginners to world level athletes to attain the highest level of success possible and allow them to reach their true potential.

Our main objective is to help you achieve your goals and provide the best customer service in doing so. Never will you feel as though you are lost and unsure what to do. Our helpful staff are always on hand.

As we grow & expand, our quality of service is never sacrificed.

So step inside and you’ll experience an environment that’s actively different from all the rest. You’ll be encouraged, inspired, and made to feel right at home

We are and will continue to be your number 1 source of all things fitness!

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